Thursday, February 28, 2013

The notes I took from our meeting today:

What Flordelino likes about Rock Music:
-it engages the body

Casey took it to: Carl Jung / archetypes



Words have the weight that they have in dreams?

Creating a space for reveals

The Toma is: known, comfortable, not magical
Then: it has reveals

The audience is us, the Brown/Trinity Community (maybe just a few people at a time)

We start by inviting the audience into the Toma.  It looks normal.  There is a small stage in one spot, so we go towards that spot.  It's a puppet stage.  The musicians and puppeteers are our classmates, known people.
The Old Man and the Girl are tiny puppets in the puppet stage.  The puppet world is formal and decayed.
The Young Man is the first gash in the world.  He is an actor, our size, and a stranger (not part of the B/T community).  From here, the world will get stranger and stranger and stranger.  Including:
-the dance might mean EVERYONE dances, and we are left with a real-person life-sized old man sleeping once the dance is over.  There is a real life-sized girl as well.
-we travel into the projection box, in which there is a life-sized set of the puppet set
-the "shadow" is a giant eye in the window of the Toma, looking at us
-maybe we end up on the roof (with the musicians? without? maybe they don't know the song?)
-we wind up back in the Toma, and it's normal again

YOU GUYS, I'M SO EXCITED.  Here is Earth Coat Man.

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