Saturday, May 11, 2013

Set Research

Hey guys, here's the primary source inspiration:

I've got four table options:

Thoughts on chairs.  I lean towards the plastic garden chairs, especially the yellowish ones:

I also thought about plastic folding chairs:

I think I prefer the garden chairs because there's something too matchy-matchy about the folding chairs and folding table.  Your thoughts, team?

Then, I picked a few objects to focus on: the ironing board, the textbook, and the lipstick.  Found ironing board and textbook I LOVE:

Now, lipstick.  This object needs to be special, needs to be the only pristine object in the play.  It's a jewel.  It's beautiful.  So I was thinking about what the lipstick tube should look like -- it needs to really jump out at us.  Gold?  Silver?  Pink?  Red?  Crazy Purple?  Thoughts?  My fave is the gold -- there's something glorious about it, elegant.  Examples below:

Looking forward to feedback!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Robert Rauschenberg

Another artist that Heidi was already looking into. I think this is more of a pallet thing, though I like the way his work has its own sort of ecosystem. There's a sense of restriction inherent in each piece, like the objects that compose each work are both the only materials available and the only materials that were exactly right.